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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Knutson is board qualified and well versed in foot and ankle surgery. 

Some of the surgical procedures include:

  • Arthroscopic Techniques

  • Bunion Correction

  • Hammertoe Correction

  • Flat Foot Correction

  • Surgical Fracture Repair


Foot Deformities & Arthritis

Foot Deformities & Arthritis

There are many joints in the feet. These joints can become misaligned and then wear improperly causing deformities and arthritis. This can cause pain that can become chronic and debilitating. Our clinic offers both conservative treatments and surgery if necessary for the following conditions:

  • Flat Feet

  • High Arched Feet

  • Hammer Toes

  • Bunions

  • Foot Arthritis

  • Ankle Arthritis


Foot & Ankle Injuries

Foot & Ankle Injuries

There are 26 bones, their correlating joints and 8 major tendons in the foot. This leaves hundreds of scenarios for potential injury. Dr K provides both conservative and surgical treatments for fractures and tendon injuries and he will assist you in determining which is appropriate for you.

Some common injuries are: 

  • Ankle, foot and toe fractures

  • Ankle sprains

  • Lisfranc injuries

  • Achilles tendon injuries


Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Your feet and ankles support and carry your whole body, and running and jumping increases the pressure and stress on them significantly. This can lead to overuse and acute injuries. As an athlete and runner himself Dr Knutson can help you work through injuries and get back to the activity you love.

  • Orthotics

  • Achilles / Calf Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Tendinitis

  • Stress Fractures

  • Heel pain

  • Biomechanics


Toenail & Skin Conditions

Toenail & Skin Conditions

We treat all types of toenail and skin conditions. Some common conditions are: 

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Fungal toenails

  • Callusus 

  • Plantar Warts


Forefoot Pain & Metatarsalgia

Forefoot Pain & Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a condtiion in which the ball of your foot becomes painful and inflamed. Forefoot pain can be caused by other specific diagnosis including:

  • Neuroma

  • Capsulitis

  • Stress Fractures

  • Sesamoiditis




Dr Knutson has in office digit X-Ray for quick review of foot structure and screening for fractures and arthritis. He will also help you Identify when advanced imaging is recommended. He can refer you for MRI, CT, ultrasound and bone scan imaging.


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